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Policy & Conditions



  Each edit made after the third edit will cost 3000 yen per edit.




  Edits are considered to be  any changes and need for adjustment that occurs besides

  the designer's own mistake.

■デザインを大幅に変更する、または初めからやり直す場合は初回デザイン料金と同じ料金が発生いたします。 (ラフ画を提供致しますので通常は大幅変更が発生する事が稀です。)


There is chance that  may charge you another design fee if there is a major change, where the new design doesn't resemble the first design.  We typically submit a draft prior to proceeding with the project so these instances are relatively rare.


  If the customer requests a separate design for a said project, we will charge a separate fee.





  If the purchase of stock photos or the taking of photos is necessary, we may charge a 

  separate fee to cover the costs of such purchase and/or arrangement of services.


  We will collect a surcharge for processing print orders. 



We do not submit/provide print-ready data to customers.  If a customer requests a printablefile, we will charge a submission fee. 



  We will save your design file for one year. If you ask for design files within this time period,you will not be charged any fees.

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